SDX 180

PXML No. 23
APPROVAL No. NS/3841/23/E/601468 WAS NS/2334/23/L/601468

The SDX 180 comprises up to three SDX 60 device systems interconnected via a Central Control Unit (housed in an oblong metal cabinet) and fibre optic links, which increases the system size to 180 devices.  Does not support digital links but has much enhanced SDX 40 software.  This was the forerunner of the SDX 60.

See SDX 60 for further details.

SDX 180 Socket Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour MDF termination
2 Blue/White 4
3 Orange/White 2
4 White/Orange 3
5 White/Blue 1

Twisted pair cable must be used and telephone extension leads must not be used.

Card Handle Colours

Handle colour Card Type
Yellow 2cct Subscriber Line Card (SLC - Terminal)
Brown 1cct or 2cct SLT Card (two wire POT or TAMS) 
Blue 2cct LD Trunk Card
Pink 2cct LD/MF switchable trunk card
Orange DC5
Green 2cct MF trunk Card
Black AC15 or DASS/DPNSS Card
Purple DSS Card, supports one key phone port and one DSS port

Two Wire Card information


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Last revised: November 12, 2021