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APPROVAL No. S/3841/23/K/501573 & BABT/PXML/SCR0104

SDX 10 is a self-contained, pre-programmed automatic telephone system. It can be installed by one person with the minimum of effort and equipment.

Each System, as delivered, is in full working order with all standard features and facilities incorporated. On completion of installation, a simple self-diagnostic test procedure enables the System to be proved before handover to the customer.

A Basic SDX 10 system consists of a Control Unit with two trunk line ports and six Terminal Ports. The terminals can be any combination of FT-1, FT-2, FT-3, FT-4 or FT-5 units. Additional options for the SDX 10 system include:

A choice of one of a number of line cards for a spare slot in the Control Unit and an RS232 serial communications port and a DSS/BLF unit. The RS232 port allows connection of a printer or a change controller to the Control Unit. These items, if ordered, will require fitting during installation.

Facilities also exist for the connection of at least one power-fail telephone.

A simple change procedure enables features and facilities to be altered following installation and by the user during the lifetime of the System.

The System Manager Terminal (a display terminal such as the FT-2 with a simple mask placed over the keys) and the Change Controller enable the features and facilities to be changed at will. The Change Controller also provides the maintenance engineer with a powerful diagnostic tool. It provides access to the System fault reports (Fault Summary and Equipment Map) and enables forced System changes as an aid to fault location. The additional RS232 port is required to use the Change Controller.

The Change Controller connection to the System via the RS232C compatible port can also be used to connect an optional, customer supplied, printer. This can then be set up to provide a paper printout of call or fault statistics.

All other installation items required relate to the block wiring and the connection of the ac supply, that is cables, trunking and fixing devices such as wall plugs and woodscrews.

Installation is a simple procedure which can be performed by one person with the minimum of tools. The only special test required is a wire insertion test.

The Control Unit is wall mounted and connected via distribution box to the incoming Trunk/Tie lines and earth. Surge arrester devices (over voltage Protection Modules OPM's) are fitted to all line positions adjacent to the terminal blocks in the Control Unit.

All installation measurements quoted in this manual allow for a minimum working space of 80mm (3.125 inches) between the Control Unit and an adjacent obstruction.

Cabling and protective trunking to and from the Control Unit should be routed from the floor. Block wiring to the extensions may be run in multiple pair cable between the Control Unit and a distant location with multiple terminal positions rather than a single 2-pair cable for each terminal.

All site wiring must be as unobtrusive as possible, using alternative (even if longer) runs and suitably coloured cable and/or trunking.

The following cable and items are required to complete the installation:
Extension Cable Specifications for Quad and multiple-pair cable - 0.5mm diameter copper conductor, PVC Type 2 insulated to BS 6746 and PVC Type TMI sheathed to BS 6746.

Conductor resistance: 84 ohms per kilometre maximum at 20'C.

Insulation resistance: 50 megohms. per kilometre minimum at 500 V and 20'C.

The cable used for extension wiring must comply with the above specification. The use of any other type of cable can result in crosstalk between the speech and data pairs producing an audible ticking. If quad cable is used, one diametrically opposite pair are the data pair and the other diametrically opposite pair are the speech pair. If twisted pair cable is used, the pairs MUST be kept together for either speech or data and NOT randomly connected.

There are 3 versions of the SDX 10 Control Unit:-

  1. with a Loop Disconnect Trunk Card (LD) - 39UCF00001ABH
  2. with a Multi-Frequency Trunk Card (MF) - 39UCF00001ABJ
  3. with a Switchable Trunk Card (LD/MF) - 39UCF00001ABK

All SDX 10 packages should contain the following items:

Control Unit and one 39UCF00001ABH (LD) or one 39UCF0000IABJ (MF) or one 39UCF00001ABK (LD/MF)

OPM PBA kit 39SKM00001BHC consisting of 8 OPM's 39YPB10001ADD.

PACKAGING kit consisting of:-
SDX 10 Installation Handbook 39HSC00032SEA
System Programming Handbook 39HSC00026PEE
System Manager Overlay Mask 39PLB0000IAJ
PCS status 39DCD00002ABH

This switch is in fact a cut down version of the SDX 40 - it just has less ports.


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Last revised: November 12, 2021