QWERTYPHONE was a loud-speaking telephone with single or dual line access. Other features were, advanced telephone, directory and autodialler PBX featurephone, calculator, message terminal, modem for PC and manager/secretary system (optional on the dual line version).

A dot matrix or low cost thermal printer was available.

The equipment comprised, keyboard with 4 line 32 character LCD display, handset, modem, RS232C PC port, printer port and telephony module.

Made by Rathdown Industries, Ascot.

The QWERTYphone has been removed from the BT portfolio for some years but remained as a maintainable item. It was completely withdrawn on February 1st 1993. They were not recovered from customers premises. Customers with maintenance or rental agreements were contacted and advised they could regard the instrument as their own and use it whilst it remains serviceable. On no account were BT personnel to undertake any work on QWERTYphone.

From February 1st 1993, all QWERTYphones can be considered customer owned equipment and disposal is their responsibility. However, the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) is eager to maintain a stock of QWERTYphones for use by deaf people. The messaging facility is extremely useful in these circumstances. As a gesture of goodwill, BT has agreed to pass on any QWERTYphone equipment to the RNID who have trained personnel able to repair faulty equipment.



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Last revised: January 25, 2023