BT marketed fully featured business telephone.

Features include:

  • Liquid Crystal Display: Indicating hands free use, number dialled, time of day, timer, information whilst programming memories, tone signalling, battery low and secrecy indication.
  • Full handsfree operation: Both normal and intercom use.
  • Last number Redial:
  • Recall: Earth Loop or Timed Break (user switchable)
  • Dual signalling: LD (Pulse) or MF (Tone) Signalling (user switchable)
  • Secrecy: Pressing the Secrecy Button allows you to cut off the microphone, on both handset and handsfree calls.
  • Ringer volume control: Low, Off or High.
  • Intercom volume control: Low Off or High.
  • Memory: 40 user programmable stores with 23 digits capacity (pauses and TB recall both count as one digit).
  • Battery protected memory:
  • Power: supplied from a 13 amp mains adapter unit.
  • Secrecy: Will latch if the button is pressed for less than 800mS. If pressed for longer, secrecy remains on until the button is released.
  • Timer function:
  • Alarm function:
  • Pause: Inserts a 3 second pause into a dialling sequence. Up to 3 pauses can be programmed in stored numbers. Calls will fail if more than 3 consecutive pauses are stored in a memory location and subsequently dialled.
  • Message: Alerts partner that you wish to speak to them.
  • Do Not Disturb: Prevents intercom line calls and operates a visual indicator on both telephones.
  • Exchange: For seizing the exchange line and retrieving calls placed on hold when the intercom is used.

Colours: Alpine White and Anthracite.

Made by Team Concepts International Ltd (Hong Kong)

Distributed by BT Zones.
BT UK Trade Sales. Supply on sale terms only.

Approved for use on DELs and PBXs in categories 1, 3, 5 & 7.

Memory will be retained for at least 5 minutes when changing batteries. After this time all 40 memories will clear and the clock will reset to 00.00

Prelude 121 loudspeaking telephones carry a 24 month warranty from date of manufacture as shown on the year and week marking on the base of the instrument (first four digits of the serial number). This is the manufacturers warranty to BT. British Telecom's guarantee to the retail customer is for one year from date of purchase.

Signalling details:
MF Tone signalling: continuous whilst keypad button is pressed.
Timed break recall: 85 milliseconds.
Earth recall: continuous whilst button is pressed. Earth recall: This has 1.5 second duration for long key presses and a duration of 700ms. for short key presses.

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Last revised: April 15, 2021