APPROVAL No. S/2761/3/G/500568

POET is a 'manager-secretary' communication system consisting of a pair of telephone terminals each connected to a PBX extension line and linked together by a dedicated pair of wires.
The two terminals are similar in appearance and both come with a plug-top type mains transformer, one terminal (designated the Manager terminal) has an additional button marked "do not disturb".

POET is designed for use on extensions of PABXs to offer the following:-

  • Incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Hands free telephony and monitor facilities.

  • Direct intercom link between the pair of POET terminals with 'buzz' and other extension line busy/free LED indication.

  • Single button operation to activate host PABX hold, transfer, divert, enquiry, conference and ring back facilities (depending on type of host PABX).

  • 20 number store. pause and recall may also be stored.

  • Last number redial.

  • Liquid Crystal Display unit/clock.

  • Adjustable volume controls for hands-free loudspeaker.

  • Adjustable volume control for tone caller.

Made by Dialatron Ltd

POET terminals are approved as simple telephones to be used only on PBX extensions.

POET Manager and Secretary terminals are linked by a two wire intercom circuit, this may be by a linking cable or via the ICD depending on local circumstances. A 13 Amp Mains socket outlet suitable for use with a plug-top type transformer is required close to each POET terminal phone socket.

POET terminals are supplied with a 6 way line cord terminated by a plug for use in phone sockets as shown below. Line Jack terminals 1 and 6 of the 'Manager' terminal must be linked to Line Jack terminals 1 and 6 of the 'Secretary' terminal via an `intercom pair'. This may be provided by running a local cable or using the internal cable distribution as appropriate.

Installation of POET terminals involves:-

  1. Installation of batteries and Connection to line and power.

  2. Setting the two switches on the rear of the terminal to set the signalling and recall conditions of the host PABX.

  3. Identify type of host PABX.

  4. Identify extension number of partner terminal.*

  5. Set the clock.

Set host PABX specific facilities (if used on other than Monarch, DX, Regent, Viceroy or Kinsman PABX).

*NB. POET terminals will appear 'dead' until they have been programmed for this.

Functional testing should include the following tests:-

Symptom Action Test
No display Check power unit is plugged in. OK.
No display  Disconnect power and line, remove batteries.   Replace power unit and batteries, reprogram. Battery lock-up.
No display Replace power unit. Power unit fault.
No display Replace POET terminal. POET terminal fault.
Terminal not working Carry out tests 1 and 2 above but without batteries, reprogram and test. Display only shows clock or garbage. Low batteries.
No dial tone Check fine jack and cabling, substitute POET terminal with test telephone if necessary. Speech pair/PABX fault.
No dial tone Reprogram terminal. Programming error or reset.
No dial tone Check line cord, handset and cord replace as necessary. Replace POET terminal if necessary. POET terminal fault.
Unable to Check recall and signalling switches on rear of terminal. Switch settings incorrect.
Unable to buzz Check intercom pair and line cord continuity. Poet terminals will send low level MF tones to each other until intercom pair is restored. Make intercom calls.

New POET units will carry a manufacturers 24 month warranty from date of manufacture as labelled on the base of the unit (date of manufacture label comprises a four digit number indicating year and week of manufacture).


POET system complete   870301
line cord   870302
terminal handset and cord   870303
Power unit   870304

PBX extension pair:-
Idle - Normal telephone conditions, no on-hook current drawn.
Seized/Held - Normal press button telephone loop.

Intercom pair:-
No standing DC conditions, intercom pair is DC isolated at the telephone and is not polarity conscious.

The intercom pair may be checked by monitoring with a test telephone. MF tones will be heard when POET terminals signal each other and intercom speech can be monitored.

Under mains failure conditions (with batteries installed) POET terminals may make outgoing and receive incoming calls but Featurephone facilities, including intercom, will not function.

When set for Earth-recall, pressing the 'R' button will cause the POET terminal to send a 500 millisecond earth recall signal to the host PBX, regardless of how long the button is pressed.

A set of batteries is provided with POET terminals on installation, subsequent battery replacement is the customers responsibility. Battery life under normal conditions is approximately 1-2 years, the display will show 'BATTERY LOW' when batteries have nearly expired. If batteries are allowed to discharge completely then POET terminals will only be able to receive incoming calls.
The batteries are non-rechargeable and should provide memory protection for a total of over 72 hours in the event of mains failures.

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Last revised: November 23, 2021