Operator Communications
Console model 60E

Main Features

  • Windows 95/NT-Workstation application
  • Full support from keyboard or mouse
  • Large name directory
  • Identification of calling or called party; in case of ISDN trunks also of external parties
  • Busy lamp field for up to 600 extensions or trunks
  • Speed dial keys for fast call setup
  • On-line help and demo’s
  • Password protected
  • LAN based directory distribution mechanism
  • Directory printout facilities
  • Nine languages, selection with menu commands
  • Standard ISDN So interface to the SOPHO iS3000 series
  • Multi-media access to other software applications.

The heart and voice of your company’s telecommunication system is the telephone operator. Connecting callers, handling messages, locating staff, dialling destinations, and welcoming visitors at the reception.

To perform all these tasks effortlessly your telephone operator deserves the best. That is why Philips has an advanced PC based operator console for the SOPHO iS3000 series ISPBX: the SuperVisor 60E.

The SuperVisor 60E is a multimedia workstation for your telephone operator.

It has an easy to use, easy to learn graphical user interface, easy to understand icons, an extensive and flexible name directory and various messaging facilities. Its multi-tasking capabilities enable your telephone operator to combine call handling with other office applications.

The advantages of a PC operator console are obvious: it offers all the possibilities one can expect from a PC workstation, such as large memory capacity for name directories, colour screen, typewriter keyboard, integration with office automation systems, and many more....

Software applications for the PBX environment are going through a turbulent phase of change. Graphical user interfaces and integration with office automation systems, such as directory systems, are now a pre-requisite for success. The SuperVisor 60E is Philips’ answer to the growing demand for open systems. Its Windows based multi-tasking capabilities offer all benefits to the operator and to the communication manager.

User aspects

Most operator consoles available on the market today, have a user interface that reflects the technical (im)possibilities of the PBX without offering solutions for the telephone operator’s daily tasks. But operators have to work with the console all day and every day, often only after a short learning period. They certainly do not wish to use technically complex displays, nor should they need to acquire special knowledge of operating systems.

The SuperVisor 60E is different in this respect. Although it is a fully Windows-based product, its user interface does not require dedicated Windows skills to perform normal operator tasks. It is a continuation and enhancement on the successful user interfaces of the SuperVisor 25 and 35. It uses the full PC screen for call handling, displaying the status of the calling party and called party with large icons, while access to call handling functions is via large, clearly marked buttons. The ergonomical design enables a free choice in using the PC keyboard or mouse.


The SuperVisor 60E has a large, flexible database for the name directory and messages. It consists of a large relational database whereby each entry can contain up to 70 fields. Specific fields have already been identified, such as name, surname, title, department, the secretary’s name, surname and telephone number, alternative number, e-mail address. The layout of the screen can be adjusted to suit the working environment of the operator. Up to ten fields can be chosen freely as search fields, while any other combination of fields can be displayed when a match is found. This can be done independently on any SuperVisor 60E, also when they are connected in a (LAN) network. The information in the database can be imported, manipulated, and printed.


The telephone operator can leave messages for internal users who are not available when called. When someone is called or dials the switchboard, the operator can see if any messages were left for that person. Message(s) can be edited, deleted and printed.


The SuperVisor 60E is equipped with a Busy Lamp Field. It gives an overview of the status of a large group of extensions and trunks at glance, giving the telephone operator even more control over the communication infrastructure.

Demo mode

The SuperVisor 60E has a demo mode, useful for training and promotional activities. No connection to the ISPBX is needed here. The demo mode can simulate almost all call handling situations.

Triple Open platform

The software architecture of the SuperVisor 60E is based on industry standards, making it

  • open to growth: no limitation on the size and growth of the organization
  • open to new technology and standards
  • open to applications, such as word processing, e-mail, etc.

ISDN interface to the iS3000

The SuperVisor 60E can be connected to any So extension interface of the iS3000 series. This gives maximum freedom and flexibility in the physical location of the operator console, without the need for dedicated wiring.

Standard ISDN telephone set

An ISDN telephone is delivered with each SuperVisor 60E. It is connected to the same So bus as the SuperVisor 60E providing the speech channel. This set offers a variety of features such as volume control, loudspeaking, microphone mute and headset control.

On-line help

The SuperVisor 60E is equipped with a complete set of documentation as ‘help’ information on individual topics and step-by- step information on common tasks.

Technical Data


  • Windows 95 / NT application
  • 32 bits technology
  • Call handling module
  • Directory handling module
  • Directory management module
  • Busy Lamp field
  • Open database (ODBC)
  • Optional SQL server
  • Multi lingual
  • Diagnostic features


Display of:

  • incoming call events
  • name and (ISDN) number of party A
  • call status of party A
  • name and (ISDN) number of party B
  • call status of party B
  • queue length information
  • message waiting
  • system alarm status
  • data and time
  • on-line help

Buttons for:

  • call answer from queues
  • connect parties
  • delete parties
  • put parties on hold
  • direct station select
  • last dialed numbers
  • break-in
  • listen-in
  • urgent mark
  • individual monitoring
  • series calls
  • tax metering calls
  • directory access
  • message access


The Busy Lamp field shows the extension status (free, ringing, busy, not available) and trunk status (free, busy, not available):

  • up to 600 objects total
  • up to 100 objects per page
  • 10 objects per line


  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Supports Structural Query Language (SQL) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • TCP/IP support
  • Master/slave, file-sharing or client/server configuration
  • Local database option for individual back-up
    • Up to 70 entries per name:
    • default fields
    • user definable field
    • hierarchical fields
    • yes/no fields
  • Free choice of up to 10 search fields
  • Free choice of display fields
  • Information page
  • Message lines
  • User definable screen layout


  • Separate directory management application
  • Easy to use
  • Local or LAN access to database with TCP/IP
  • User definable screen layout

The directory database can be updated:

  • manually, using directory management application
  • automatically from other SuperVisor 60E’s
  • automatically from the central database in SysManager
  • automatically from the directory server
  • automatically from SOPHO System-Manager V.24 COM port

Per DNR, messages can be entered:

  • up to 66 characters per name
  • message waiting indication when called

The following languages can be selected (menu driven): English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish.


Recommended PC hardware:

  • Pentium CPU, 133 MHz
  • 32 Mbytes RAM - 800 Mbytes hard disk
  • CD-ROM drive
  • S-VGA monitor
  • standard PC keyboard, country independent
  • mouse support
  • Windows-95 or NT-Workstation
  • one free PC slot
  • one V.24 COM port


  • to SOPHO iS3000 series through ISDN card to So bus. Maximum distance 800 meters (up to 2500 meters with U interface plus terminal adapter)
  • LAN card for directory distribution / sharing to SysManager, VoiceManager 300, SQL server and other SV60Es
  • V.24 COM port for directory distribution from SOPHO SystemManager
  • V.24 COM port for control of voice logging equipment


The SuperVisor 60E is compatible with SOPHO iS3000 series using SSW 740, SSW 741, SSW 800 and SSW 805 software releases.

As off 12/12/2001


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