Operator Services
Console model 35

  • Attractive, compact design
  • Icon user interface
  • Standard S0 connection
  • Automatic name display
  • Directory search and dialling
  • ISDN calling/connected line display
  • Single key alternative number dialling
  • Memory keys with fast call setup
  • Busy lamp field for up to 600 trunks and/or extensions
  • Alpha-numerical text messaging
  • Options include:
    • braille display
    • headset with quick disconnect
  • Password protected
  • Suited for right and left handed operators
  • Second handset/headset for monitoring
  • Demo mode

General Characteristics

SOPHO SuperVisor is a range of products and software designed for operators, fulfilling today's service level requirements through increased call handling efficiency.

The SuperVisor operator console 35 for the SOPHO iS3000 Series of ISPBXs, is optimised for use by a part-time operator working in an office environment or at the reception desk. It is a compact desktop terminal of modern design with a large LCD-screen and an icon-driven user interface. The call-handling keys have pictograms to explain their function.

Main Characteristics


  • Stand-alone desktop terminal with integrated keyboard and display
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Volume control (handset/headset and loudspeaker)
  • Built-in speech synthesis for training of visually impaired operators
  • Handset cradle.


Large LCD screen (640 x 200 dots) with information on:

  • Incoming call event
  • call status party A
  • call status party B
  • directory information
  • busy lamp field
  • queue length
  • tax meter results
  • text messages
  • softkey menus
  • system alarm status
  • operational maintenance
  • date and time.

The angle between the display and the keyboard is mechanically adjustable and the viewing angle of the LCD screen is electronically adjustable.


60 Character alphanumerical keys with QWERTY lay-out. The keyboard has dedicated keys for:

  • call answering from various call-queues
  • call transfer
  • call park
  • call initiating
  • keypad keys for dialling purposes (0-9, *, #)
  • directory search and dialling
  • speed dialling
  • individual call marking, such as series call or metering
  • break-in and listen-in
  • text messaging
  • softkeys (up to 12) for various functions, e.g. language selection, voice synthasis, directory handling, speed dialling, messaging and communication
  • miscellaneous functions such as mute, loudspeaking, volume control, night mode, operational maintenance.


  • To ISPBX:
    • 4-wire digital S0 interface with line powering
    • maximum distance: 800 m
  • Handset or headset with quick disconnect (left and right side)
  • V24 interface for:
    • firmware download
    • directory up/download
    • busy-lamp-field up/download
    • speed-dial-keys up/download
    • braille unit
  • Auxiliary interface for:
    • external buzzer
    • control signals for tape recorders and up to four exchange name announcers
  • Audio input and output (cinch)
  • Service key switch, allows full range of Operational Maintenance (OM).


Call handling:

  • country independent icons

Menu operation and speech synthesis:

  • English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish.


Approximately 2000 entries, dynamically allocated with a maximum of 100.000 characters.

Search possible on name, branch and number. Directory contains:

  • number (up to 20 digits)
  • name (up to 21 characters)
  • branch (up to 15 characters)
  • second number (up to 20 digits)

The directory can be updated in the following manner:

  • manually by the operator
  • from a (MS-DOS) PC

Technical Data


Line powered
Power consumption: 2.5 Watt


  • conform ETS300001
  • Transmission parameters are downloaded


  • Dimensions: 63 x 280 x 97 mm.
  • Weight: 2500 gr.
  • Colour: Light grey


  • conform IEC 801/EN50082-1
  • conform 12TR1


  • conform EN55022
  • conform EN50082-1


  • conform EN60950


  • conform ETS300019:
    • storage class 1.2
    • transportation class 2.3
    • stationary use class 7.


According to ISO 9001

As of 12/12/01


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Last revised: December 03, 2018