Panasonic KXTD

ISDN - Basic and Primary Rate Interfaces
With the ongoing development of the Euro ISDN network, there are advantages in connecting the KX-TD to digital lines with the optional ISDN 2 and 30 Euro ISDN interfaces.

Desktop ISDN - Up to 8 ISDN 2 circuits can be provided for use with Video Telephones and Video Conferencing, Group 4 Facsimile machines and ISDN 2 compatible high speed modems for data transfer.

Direct Dialling In (DDI) - Each KX-TD extension can have its own direct dial number and be called directly.

Calling Line Identification (CLI) - Each digital keyphone with LCD can display the incoming caller’s number or company name, dependent upon whether this function has been enabled.

Primary Rate Interface (Euro ISDN) -up to 30 ISDN channels may be connected (dependent upon system size).

Features of Digital Super Hybrid Systems
There are three Digital Super Hybrid Systems starting with the KX-TD1232. The KX-TD1232 gives you more ways to connect with your clients, including:

Exchange Line Functions
The KXTD allows calls to be routed through your system in the way that best suits your business - Either via an operator and switchboard, single extensions or groups, or through an auto-attendant/voicemail system.

With the Automatic Route Selection (ARS) feature, the system can choose the most cost-effective outgoing network based on the external number dialled, and with up to 9 different carriers that can be connected to the KX-TD, it makes sense to take advantage of the many service providers that are available:

When it is essential to keep control of your call costs and the efficiency of your system, the KX-TD can provide a number of cost saving features and management controls:

Connection via integral RS232C interface to a printer or call management system, can provide incoming and outgoing call information and reports:

Fast and efficient handling is made very easy with the KX-TD operator console plus a number of useful operator features enabling smooth and effective call distribution and functionality:

Voice Processing Systems
The KXTD can be easily integrated with voice processing systems to provide additional flexibility:

When integrated with the Panasonic Voice Processing System the KX-TD produces a very powerful communications tool. Enhanced features include:

Extra Device Port (XDP)
Each digital keyphone allows an additional two wire device to be connected to the system with a unique extension number. Thereby potentially doubling the system extension capacity.

The eXtra Device Port XDP jack is available on all Panasonic 7200 and 7400 series phones. The XDP instantly expands your desktop communications by allowing you to connect any single line device directly to your phone. No special adaptors, modules, wiring or programming are necessary to connect a standard phone, fax, answering machine, or even a modem.

The XDP jack actually allows users to do several things simultaneously because it can be programmed as a separate extension. Talk while faxing or send e-mail while listening to voice mail.

Uniform Call Distribution
Systematically distributes calls among a group of operators or sales agents. When all lines are busy, outside callers receive a single message for the entire group. During extremely busy periods, the system will route overflow calls to another group of extensions based on a pre-programmed timetable.

Computer Telephony Integration
Allows the KX-TD1232 and KX-TD816 to link to a Local Area Network (LAN) for unprecedented call management capability. Now computer files with background and important information can be automatically displayed to sales agents, service departments, doctor's assistants, etc., when a customer calls.

Caller ID
Compatibility allows you to see the caller's name and phone number displayed on your Panasonic system display phone.

Call Forwarding
Automatically transfers calls to your mailbox, another extension or anywhere in the world. It can be programmed to call a pager or cell phone, so you can be contacted anywhere, anytime 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Trunk Conferencing
To help speed up decision making and involve third parties in a conversation, a conference may be initiated by one internal extension and include 2 external parties.

Parallel Connection
Allows the same extension number to have attached a single line device such as PC, modem, facsimile, cordless, answerphone etc.

Trunk Transfer
The KX-TD can transfer external calls received by an extension, back outside the system to another external number. This may be another office, branch or cellular telephone, thus helping to improve efficiency and overall customer service.

Flexible Hybrid
The KX-TD is a sophisticated and powerful business telephone system designed to stay ahead of the evolving office environment. It is called a “super hybrid” system because every extension port accommodates both a range of digital proprietary keyphones or standard keyphones in addition to regular single line products (fax, modem, answering machine etc).

Simple Expansion
A key feature of the KX-TD is its system connection capability (1232E only). This allows two systems to be linked to form one double size system - offering ample scope for a growing business requiring further extensions and lines up to a maximum of 24 exchange lines and 64 extensions (128 using Extra Device Port (XDP) mode).

Customer Care
Another benefit of the KX-TD is its ability to offer remote system maintenance and diagnostic information (1232E only). This means that programming changes or system reporting will not always require a site visit by technical staff, but can be effected quickly and easily by your preferred dealer/maintainer via a modem interface.

The Future
The digital KXTD provides you with the gateway to the future. With the current expansion path, ISDN technology and the planned system enhancements, the KX-TD will move forward with emerging technologies. Planned enhancements include:-

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
TSAPI (network based) and TAPI (single user) technology will suit a variety of developing network and desktop computer telephony applications, such as Call Centre working, PC based telephones etc.

Digital Cordless Telephony Integration (DECT)
Proprietary digital cordless telephones conforming to the latest European Standard (DECT) can be connected to the KX-TD enabling you to be contacted or make calls anywhere within the office or premises.

Optional Features

Digital Super Hybrid System

Digital Super Hybrid System

Digital Cordless Telephone

24 Key, Handsfree, Large Display

24 Key, Handsfree, 3 Line Display

12 Key, Handsfree Display

24 Key, Handsfree

12 Key, Handsfree

66 Key Console (DSS)

48 Key Console (DSS) With Answer/Release Keys

32 Key Console (DSS)
kxt7240e-sml.gif  4196bytes

32 Key DSS Console
kxt7040e-sml.gif  4320bytes

Digital SLT Handsfree
kxt7315e-sml.gif  5091bytes

Digital SLT
kxt7310e-sml.gif  5263bytes


The ISDN network is already bringing advantages to many larger users, and now Panasonic has introduced the KX-TD208 which offers the benefits of ISDN2 to those customers who have smaller system requirements, but need the latest technology at a competitive price.

Panasonic is dedicated to creating phone systems that make communicating by phone, fax, e-mail, voice mail and modem easier for everyone.
The Components of a Phone System
Every phone system consists of the phones, a control unit which acts as the system's brain and options like voice processing, and a sophisticated answering system.

The Phones
The system uses 7400 Series proprietary telephone.

The Systems
Panasonic has four types of communication systems: Hybrid Systems, Advanced Hybrid Systems, Digital Super Hybrid Systems and Digital PBX Systems. While each system varies by the number of incoming lines, extensions and capabilities, they all share one basic advantage: The Hybrid Design.

Hybrid Systems let you use less expensive single line phone equipment where sophisticated system phones aren't required, without changing or adding extra equipment to the control unit.
You can instantly double your number of extensions by connecting both a proprietary phone and a single line device to the same expansion port.
As your business grows, your flexible, expandable and affordable Panasonic Hybrid System will grow with it.
Panasonic Hybrid systems allow you to use proprietary system phones along with a standard home phone, answering machine, fax machine, cordless phone or any piece of equipment that's classified as a single line device.
When integrated with the Digital Super Hybrid System or Digital PBX System, Panasonic Voice Processors make voice processing easy. Better still, they require no special software or costly hardware upgrades.



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Last revised: March 13, 2006