The UK manufactured KX-T 7000 series of analogue digital telephone systems combines high quality and low-cost flexibility, helping your business achieve better communications and higher productivity at every level.

The KX-T 7000 series is ideal for the small to medium sized company. The range comprises of three different sized units with varying capacities from 3 to 12 exchange lines and 8 to 32 extensions.

With shared features, upgrading from one system to the next couldn't be easier. With the KX-T 7000 series you can develop your system whilst protecting your existing investment in your telephone equipment.

Hybrid Working
One of the strongest features of the system is its ability to provide hybrid working. KX-T7000 series systems can be configured with any combination of system telephones (keyphones), standard telephones (single line), cordless telephones, facsimile, modems, etc. This enables access to a wider range of facilities such as connection of a credit card reader.

Least cost routing
All KXT systems have LCR as standard, allowing the system to be programmed to take advantage of the most cost effective carrier network.

Key & Lamp Operation
KXT key telephones can provide wide ranging flexibility to the user. Each extension can easily handle, hold and transfer multiple calls and lines. Visual indication of extensions allows the user to see which staff are free at any one time.

Switchboard operation
As well as being able to answer calls, hold and transfer at any extension, the Panasonic KX-T7000 range can provide full switchboard operation. This enables fast and efficient call handling whilst enabling the operator to have visual indication of a lines and extensions.

Additional switchboard features include:
16 programmable feature keys - Headset operation with the KX-T7130E key telephone - Visual status of up to 32 extns - announced/unannounced call transfer - Call park for busy periods.

Paging / Voice calling
The system has a built in paging facility which enables each key telephone to act as a speaker when not in use. There are a number of paging zones to help locate staff around the office. Voice calls can be made to certain individuals with handsfree answer back, ideal for quickly notifying key staff.

KXT 7000 Socket Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour MDF termination
2 Blue/White 2nd position
3 Orange/White 3rd position
4 White/Orange 1st position
5 White/Blue 4th position

MDF wiring goes from left to right with a spare termination between each group of 4 extension terminations.


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Last revised: March 13, 2006