The system comes fully configured as 2 lines and 6 extensions and will accommodate basic phones, fax, cordless as well as proprietary telephones which utilise the system to a maximum. There is a choice of 3 telephones for the system, the KXT 7130E being the executive and programming phone.

KXT 206 KXT7130E

         Automatic fax transfer, with optional card

         Intercom facility

         Last number redial/Pulse/tone switchable

         Music on hold

         Call forwarding/hold/pickup/transfer/waiting

         System dialling (80 numbers)

         Built-in Doorphone/Door Opener Interface
The system allows you to monitor the arrival of visitors before you need to open the door. With the optional doorphone intercom unit, this facility permits visitors to announce themselves to you and be automatically allowed to enter, if you so wish. (An electronic locking device would be required).

This feature enables up to 3 internal parties, 1 external and 2 internal parties, or even 2 external and 1 internal party, to conduct a 3-way conversation.

         Direct Inward Station Access (DISA)
This option ( card required ) enables you to record a personalised message to greet or instruct your callers, so that they can route themselves directly to the person that they wish to speak to, by following the instruction given.

         Automatic fax Transfer ( requires DISA card )
 The system makes efficient use of one or two outside lines particularly if you have a fax machine. It is able to automatically answer incoming calls and distinguish between fax and voice calls, transferring the call accordingly. Therefore, day or night, fax calls can be handled without disturbing you, and you donít have to dedicate an outside line for exclusive fax use.

         Call Barring
 If you wish, you can prohibit individuals from accessing specific telephone area codes, by programming any one of up to 4 classes of restriction. This feature can prevent long-distance dialling for example, and calls overseas from unauthorised users.

This enables extensions to contact each other via an Ďintercomí facility via the speakers of proprietary telephones.

         Do Not Disturb
If you are busy or do not want to be disturbed then you can switch your telephone off.

         Distinctive Ringing
 This feature allows you to determine the difference between outside, internal and doorphone calls.

         Least Cost Call Routing
The system can be programmed to take advantage of up to 5 of the most cost effective network carriers, to help you minimise the cost of outgoing calls.

         Flexible Hybrid Working
The system will accommodate single line devices such as a multi functional Panasonic telephone, answering machine, fax, PC, modem etc. as well as proprietary key telephones which are already widely sold with our 7000 Series range of telephone systems.

         Individual Extension Capability
The system allows up to 6 telephones or devices to work independently of etch other, in that they have their own extension number and ability to make or receive calls on either one or two lines. This means that you might have a telephone in the kitchen and a fax in the study, which can be operated completely separately, although still controlled by the systemís Central Control Unit.

         System Speed dialling
Up to 40 frequently used telephone numbers can be stored in the system memory and be accessed from any telephone that is connected to the system

LJU Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour DDK termination
2 Blue/White 3
3 Orange/White 1
4 White/Orange 4
5 White/Blue 2


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Last revised: March 13, 2006