Outside view of M1060 cabinet
Position of termination strip inside cabinet
Close up of terminations - extension to the left and the single trunk to the right

The Olycom M1060 is a 1 trunk, 6 extension telephone system.

From the photo with the terminal cover removed, you can see the power lead to the left, then 6 terminal pairs for the 6 extensions, and lastly a single pair for the trunk line.

The system has built in 'Greensleeves' music on hold for external held calls, and a 3.5mm socket to which you can connect an alternative hold audio source at the extreme right of the terminals.

The codes below are supposed to reset your system to UK default.  Only use if nothing else works.  I do not guarantee them to work.

  1. #9*#*# The system will return 2 beeps
  2. #*9 System will return a single beep
  3. 044 System will return a single beep
  4. Hang up

Quick Reference User Guide

Park call - * your extn
Get parked call - * extn call parked at
Take over ringing ext - * ringing extn
Set do not disturb - # your extn + 1
Clear do not disturb - # your extm + 0
Set call forward - # forward extn + 1
Clear call forward - # your extn + 0
Set baby phone - * 811
Switch to day mode - * 311
Switch to night mode - * 321


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Last revised February 13, 2005