Companion 10 is a Cordless telephone system using CT2 technology with a maximum capacity of 6 exchange lines and 16 extension ports. The system uses the same hardware as the Norstar Compact with the addition of Wireless Software, radio base stations and cordless handsets.
The cordless handset communicates with the Companion system via a radio base station which is connected using a normal extension port. The provision of each base station (to a maximum of 15) reduces the hardwired extension capacity by one.
The number of base stations required to give the customer coverage and grade of service is dependent on the local environment (type of building, internal fixings and furnishings etc), the number of cordless handsets expected to be used on the system, their location and pattern of usage. For the purposes of programming, at least one M7310 or M7324 telephone must be provided, the customer may then use any of the four types of existing digital Norstar extension telephones (M7100, M7208, M7310 & M7324) as well as the cordless handsets on the system.
The total number of corded and cordless handsets that can be supported by the Companion is 32, but the addition of each corded telephone, CLI interface, ATA or AC 15 circuit will reduce the number of base stations that can be connected to the system by 1.

An Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA) is available to allow the connection of two wire analogue equipment such as telephones, answering /facsimile machines etc. The Station Auxiliary Power Supply (SAPS) is also an option available which increases the normal extension line length (But not the radio base station line length see PLANNING section).

A Call Logging Interface (CLI) provides output to a V24 compatible printer.

Made by Northern Telecom

Distributed and installed by BC Zones

Approved as described in PXML BABT/PXML/ PBX0080 issue 10 or above which is updated as further enhancements are approved. Only modifications and facilities specified as approved in the PXML are permitted.

Approved for direct connection to the PSTN using loop disconnect or MF signalling or by working as a (List A) subsidiary system (loop disconnect or MF signalling) connected to a (List C) PBX as per BT ISIS CSS/CWC/B015.


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Last revised: December 14, 2010