The LST 11A, sales name Facilityphone 200, is a press button electronic table top telephone offering numerous facilities which include:
Hands free loudspeaking telephony
Up to l0 digits including
10 direct access repertory dial stores
40 short code dial stores
LED digital Display for clock, call timing and calculator.
The telephone contains six rechargeable batteries capable of retaining the memory and powering the electronic dial circuit for approximately 48 hours should the mains supply fail. The battery is automatically recharged by a Plug Top transformer when the mains supply is reconnected. Only calls to and from the telephone handset are possible, during power failure. Should the battery also fail, it will then only be possible to receive incoming calls and the memory store may corrupt.

To extend the period of memory retention, but not give keypad operation during prolonged power failure, it is possible to fit "3 Silver Oxide" primary batteries, type 10L14 or RW22. These are not supplied with the instrument as they are not necessary for normal operation.

Made by Plessey Office Systems Ltd, Beeston, Nottingham.

Approval Number S/1000/3/D/021594

A 240 volts, 13 Amp, 50 Hertz Supply is required for the Plug Top Transformer.
The LST 11A is suitable for use on Phone Socket installations on DELs and most types of PBX/CCS two wire extensions. Not suitable for use on "C" wire PMBXs or WB 900.

The LST 11A has a REN of 1

LST 11A is no longer available, withdrawn from the BT Product Supply portfolio in 1989.
BT then held a number of LST 11A's in central depots for maintenance use due to the following situations:-
l. to enable maintenance of the rental base to continue until November 1989.
2. to meet requirements of BT customers with Servicecare maintenance contracts until 1 November 1989 or until their 12-months minimum period expires whichever is the first.
3. to meet warranty returns until March I990.

a. After a power interruption the LED display can take up to one minute to reset as the display only resets w hen the minute digit changes or the RS button is pressed.
b. When setting the time clock, timing starts on the release of the RS button.
The user must change the rechargeable batteries every three years and the Silver Oxide batteries every two years, if fitted.

DESCRIPTION                                     BT PART No
Loudspeaking Telephone 11A Stone                411168
Plug Top Transformer. (FF200)                   877618
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Last revised: December 18, 2010