PXML No 62
APPROVAL No. NS/1249/3/E/450427

A 2+6 system that is available in MF, LD, TBR or ELR.

Can be piggy backed off another system and uses system featurephones or POT's.

User Guide


CCU Cable Colour LJU 2/1A Western Electric Socket
A Blue/White 2 4
B White/Blue 5 3
C White/Orange 4 5
D Green/White 1 1
E White/Green 6 6

Connect the exchange lines and terminal cables as shown above. The tails on these cables should be sufficiently long to allow the Control board to be unclipped and swung fully to the left for servicing. Connect the mains cable to an adjacent power point and switch on the supply.

Set the Option Switches as required for the installation, to the positions shown below:
External Extension 1 - S 1 on
External Extension 3 - S2 on
C-wire Signalling - S3 on
Exclusive Line (Terminal 4) - S4 on

System Test
Check the operation of each terminal by testing all its functions, facilities, and options.


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Last revised: December 21, 2010