The BT Inspiration is available in 6, 12 and 18 extension configurations. It is possible to expand each system up to the maximum 6 lines, 18 extensions configuration by installing expansion modules in the central control unit.

It can be configured as an analogue system, connected to standard telephone lines, or an ISDN system connected to ISDN2 lines. It can also be configured as a mixed system connected to both analogue and ISDN lines.

If you choose a digital BT Inspiration system package connected to ISDN2 lines, you can take advantage of network features such as Direct Dialling In.

BT Inspiration is also compatible with:
Answer machines.
Point of Sale Equipment.
ISDN devices.

As well as the features that you would expect from a telephone system such as the ability to transfer calls internally, provide music/ tone on hold and speed dialling, BT Inspiration also has features normally only associated with large telephone systems. 

Some of the most exciting features offered by the BT Inspiration are its external transfer and external divert facilities. 

Now, transferring calls to any outside telephone number is simplicity itself. With divert, calls can go directly to any external number of your choosing, automatically. So whether you're working at home, in another department or on-site via your mobile, BT Inspiration takes the office to wherever you are. 

Voicemail is a highly featured cost effective solution for the small business enabling customers to never lose that vital or confidential business call, they can be open for business 24 hours a day. The system can also be used as an internal messaging system ensuring that messages and ideas are never lost.

The Auto Attendant feature allows callers to ring directly through to an extension, provided that they know the extension number of the person they wish to contact. This service is available only when a voicemail is fitted.

Call Manager offers customers the option of using their PC to control their Featurephone and generate customer records for all calls made and received from that extension.

Call Logging Interface 
The Call Logging Interface allows you to connect to a serial printer or a PC enabling time, date and duration details of incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded helping to monitor and control costs. Call logging does not record call costs. 

Door Intercom 
The Door Intercom is an entry phone, which can be connected to the BT Inspiration and allows you to control entry to your premises without leaving the desk.

Battery Back Up 
An optional Battery back up unit can be installed which provides full operation for at least one hour in the event of a mains power failure. Replacement batteries are widely available. 

Optima is available as a single receiver or as the Optima Duo with two receivers. Where customers are working in noisy environments we recommend the Optima Duo as the binaural design cuts out distracting background noise.

Central Bell 
A central bell connection is provided on all units. A bell can be wired to the connector and it can be programmed to ring for incoming calls in day or night mode or both.

BT Inspiration Advantage+ is the complete voice and data communications system that is ideal for all businesses, including branch outlets such as, pub chains, petrol station forecourts and retail outlets. 

The BT Inspiration Advantage+ package supports 1 digital line, 2 analogue lines, 12 extensions, desktop ISDN and a router to give fast access to the internet and company intranets. Also, with the benefit of system passwords, security is enhanced to prevent tampering and fraud. 

The BT Inspiration Advantage+ can grow to a maximum of 3 digital lines or 6 analogue lines (or a combination of both) and 18 extensions. 

The BT Inspiration Advantage+ has the same wide range of features as the BT Inspiration.

In the event of a power cut you will still have full analogue service.

Reduce costs
There are many ways that BT Inspiration Advantage+ can save you money: 

Send data at low cost - useful for sending large files overnight. 

Bandwidth-on-Demand is the intelligent solution to providing fastest transmission speeds at the lowest possible cost. 

A single ISDN line will connect you to telephones, fax machines, Internet and Intranets. 

Reduce hardware investment by sharing resources like printers and scanners. 

In brief
Allows many users to share a single internet connection.

Enables shared resources such as printers and scanners.

Automatic Dial-up from desktop application icons for internet, email and LAN access .

Router supports up to 50 users.

Supports a virtual private network over the internet, eliminating long distance WAN charges.

Maximises data transmission speed and minimises ISDN costs.

High speed internet and corporate WAN.

System Features 
Expansion up to 6 lines and 18 extensions.
Analogue or ISDN or mixture of both.
Supports Desktop ISDN.
Supports many features like Call Transfer/Divert etc.
Supports optional modules e.g. Voicemail, Door Intercom, Call Manager and Battery Backup .
Optional menu driven Featurephone provides voicemail monitoring, directory access and is headset compatible.
Supports standard analogue telephones.

Router Features
FLASH memory for firmware upgrade.
ISDN Basic Rate Interface RJ45 port.
4 Ethernet 10BaseT RJ45 ports (cascadable up to 50 ports).
12 Volt external power supply.
S/T or U (integrated NT-1) interface, RJ45 port 10 LED indicators on front panel; 
Power Status
Fault (hardware or software)
Link status for each LAN port
Collision status for the hub
ISDN (B1, B2, D-channel, link)
Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT compatible.

Note: B-channel LEDs are green when passing data, and orange when passing voice. 

Protocol Support 
PPP, MLPPP, transparent RIP IP, TCP/IP.
DHCP Server with DNS Relay.
PPP compression (Hi/fn STAC, Microsoft MPPC, CCP).
Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP/BAP).
Bandwidth-on-Demand (BOD), Dial-on-Demand, Data-over-Voice.
IP filtering & IP spoofing for ISDN tariff management.
Euro - ISDN.

Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature: 0C to 40C.
Operating humidity:10 to 80% (non-condensing).
Maximum power requirements: 800 mA at +12 Volts (router unit only).

IP packet filtering.
Calling Line ID.
Password Protection .

BT Inspiration allows you to use Featurephones or standard phones with the system. 

The Featurephone is a highly featured display phone. Not only does it have a wide range of features but is also easy to use. The phone is fully handsfree so you may make calls, receive calls and use features without lifting the handset. 

The Featurephone makes it much easier to use due to its large graphic display guiding the customer through the use of the various features. Each BT Inspiration system MUST be equipped with at least one Featurephone for system programming.

BT Pathway systemphones are not interchangeable with BT Inspiration systemphones, even though they look the same!

Featurephone Features

  • Enables system programming
  • Advisory messages
  • 4 x 24 character graphic display
  • 8 x programmable keys
  • 4 fixed option keys
  • Menu driven
  • Voicemail monitoring
  • Directory access
  • Wall mountable
  • Adjustable plinth
  • Call Manager compatible
  • Headset compatible
  • Ringing/message indicator
  • Facility menus and keys
  • Facility activation keys
  • Volume, mute and handsfree keys
  • Hold and transfer
  • Time and date
  • Assign extension names
  • Colour - Charcoal Grey 

Taken from BT documentation - go to the BT web site for up to date information

Additional Information

Voice mail
The BT Inspiration Voicemail Module is a one port system providing up to 18 personal mailboxes (one per extension) and 1 centralised answering service (the System voice message box). The overall message and greeting storage capacity is 80 minutes.

Callers to an extension which has a mailbox may leave a message if their call is unanswered or if the extension is busy. Users who have a mailbox can also divert all calls to the Voicemail and access it both locally and remotely using PIN security. Calls may be monitored using the Featurephone facility to assess whether they should be answered immediately. Each message is Day and Time stamped.

If the Auto Attendant facility is in use, you may customise the greeting which is played to callers on all lines programmed with this feature.

The system can also be used as an internal messaging systems ensuring that messages and ideas are never lost.

Upgrade Module
The BT Inspiration Upgrade Module allows your BT Inspiration System to be expanded to up to 6 lines and 18 extensions.

ISDN Line Card
The BT Inspiration ISDN Line Card is a two channel ISDN card which adds two digital (ISDN) lines to an existing BT Inspiration system. If your system does not already have ISDN, you will also need the BT Inspiration ISDN Upgrade Card.

ISDN Upgrade card
The BT Inspiration ISDN Upgrade Card allows your BT Inspiration System to accept ISDN lines using the BT Inspiration ISDN Line Card. You need both the Upgrade Card and the Line Card to enable a system currently configured for PSTN only to work with a two channel ISDN setup.

PSTN Line Card
The BT Inspiration PSTN Line Card adds two analogue (PSTN) lines to an existing BT Inspiration system.

Hotel Upgrade
BT Inspiration with Hotel Upgrade will provide a better, more accommodating, service for guests.

LJU Wiring Details

Systemphone connection
Uses Line Jack Units -/3A

System Port Wire Colour Socket
C ORANGE/White 1
A BLUE/White 2
B WHITE/Blue 5
D WHITE/Orange 6

POT/SLT (Ordinary phone) connection
Uses Line Jack Units -/1A

System Port Wire Colour Socket
A BLUE/White 2
B WHITE/Blue 5


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Last revised: November 23, 2021