SDX INDEX 100/200

APPROVAL No. AA605401 (INDEX 100/200)

The Index is made by SDX Business Systems Ltd, now Avaya and at present consists of four models, 100, 200, 400 and 800.

INDEX 100/200

The Index 100/200 is a self contained, pre-programmed key telephone system. The system is digital, 4 wire switched and uses A-law encoding.
The Index 100/200 model is a single box wall mounted system capable of supporting up to 224 devices.
System configuration is Control Unit (CU) equipped with a CPU100 supports up to 96 devices and with a CPU200 up to 224 devices.
The CU contains a power supply unit which is mains powered. Index power supplies are modular.
The system has an integral self test diagnostics routine which continually monitors the system, any resulting reports enabling rapid fault location and repair.

Systems when delivered are in full working order with all standard features and facilities incorporated. On completion of installation a simple self-diagnostic test procedure enables the system to be proved before handover.
A simple change procedure enables features and facilities to be altered following installation and by the user during the lifetime of the system.

The apparatus is approved for use in the Simple Call Routing Mode (SCRM).

The main items for use with the CU system are the DT1, DT3, DT4, DT5, TT3 (ACD Turret) and TT5. All the Index telephones are digital.

A VDU with keyboard (VT100 compatible) enables features and facilities to be changed as required. The VDU provides the maintenance engineer with diagnostic tools. Alternatively, a personal computer may be used off-line to program the range of facilities.
The PC/VDU connection to the system is via one of four RS232C compatible ports which can also be used to connect an optional customer supplied printer. This can then be set up to provide a paper printout of call or fault statistics.

Connection to DPNSS/DASSII circuits is via coaxial cables connected directly to the line card.

SDX is now owned by Lucent who have named that part of the business Avaya.

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Last revised: December 14, 2010