This handset was originally used on the Telephone No. 700.  This was a field trail telephone, which was superseded before general issue by the Telephone No. 706.  The Telephone No. 706 was fitted with the light weight plastic Handset No. 3.

This handset, although hollow (to allow the handset wires to go through to the receiver end) was still quite solid and therefore a lot more heavier than the superseding Handset No. 3.

The Handset was made by GEC and all the handsets used by the GPO had the same date stamp on the handset.

The inserts were a Receiver No. 4T and a Transmitter No. 13.

Also used on LST No. 2.


Handset with inserts removed - note the lead weight on the left

The same date will be found on all GPO Handset No. 1's

The mouthpiece has a line around the outside

The earpiece fits inside the handset with a thin spring under the edges


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Last revised: February 18, 2021