Magneto Call Telephones

This Bulletin presents our latest Generator Call or Magneto Telephones. All Instruments are scientifically designed and manufactured from the highest grade materials by skilled and experienced workmen under rigorous supervision, while the Factory is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and appliances for producing the best possible results. Each piece of Apparatus is carefully inspected after every process of manufacture by a specially trained staff, whose duty it is to intercept and reject faulty work.

We maintain extensive Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Laboratories under the charge of thoroughly competent men, for the purpose of testing all material used in the manufacture of Peel-Conner Telephones, which enables us to guarantee our customers against latent defects, such as electrolysis and corrosion of wires, due to the use of faulty or imperfect insulating materials.

The Cabinet Works are equipped with the most modern machinery, and methods for handling this branch of the business, while our storage and drying facilities enable us to undertake that all timber used is old stock, well seasoned and kiln dried. American Black Walnut, finished in a superior manner, is the standard wood for all styles of our Telephones, excepting the "Compact" and "Tropical" types, the former being made of the best quality White Oak, given a golden finish, and the latter of Teak with special oil varnish finish.

Each instrument is submitted to a thoroughly practical test after assembly, and again before despatch; we therefore confidently assert that every effort is put forward to ensure our customers getting a Telephone of the highest grade, and in closing this brief introduction of Peel-Conner manufactures we especially invite attention to the fact that all external metal parts are entirely insulated from the circuit, thus preventing the possibility of shock to the user. All adjustments are permanent on leaving the Factory, and the possible warping of woodwork can in no way affect them, as each piece of Apparatus is self-contained. Perfect ease of access to all working parts forms a strong feature of our design, and each piece of Apparatus is interchangeable, so that renewals can be effected from stock at a moment's notice.

The word STYLE is adopted strictly in connection with the illustrations in this Bulletin, and is used to designate the shape or appearance of the Telephones only.
The Code Word and Code Number of each piece of Apparatus or Instrument will be found adjacent to the description, and when ordering it is essential that the name of article and Code Number be plainly stated.

All Peel-Conner Telephones are sold exclusive of Cells, but these can be supplied extra if desired.


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 1 - dated 1910

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Last revised: January 25, 2011