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The above illustration shows a Central Battery Non-multiple Type Switchboard of three operatorsí positions, with all associated apparatus mounted up in the sections, thereby economising floor space, and effecting a considerable saving in cabling and labour of installing. The Switchboard is built up in sections of 100 Lines each, and is capable of extension up to an ultimate of 500 Lines with five operatorsí positions.

Each section is fitted with Self-restoring Visual Line Signals, Corresponding Line Jacks, Through Plugs and Cords with Combined Ringing and Listening Keys, Relays, Condensers and Double Lamp Supervisory Signals, Junction or Transfer Jack, and Order Wire Keys. A suspended type of Transmitter with Sliding Arm and Head Gear Receiver are provided for each operatorís position. Switches are provided for throwing in or out the Hand or Power Generator, the Night Bell and the operatorís Speaking Battery.

The Keyboards are hinged, to allow of easy access to the keys. All Wiring is thoroughly and highly insulated, and specially treated to withstand the extremes of heat and damp in any climate.

The Cabinet Work can be made of any specified wood to suit customersí requirements or local climatic conditions.

For Central Battery Switchboards of more than 500 Lines we are In a position to quote for Lamp Signal, Relay Multiple Boards to any capacity.

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908


Automatic Telephone
"Peel Conner" P.A.X (Private Automatic Exchange)

Standard BPO (see GPO Telephone No. 150) pedestal pattern automatic table telephone fitted with long distance speaking solid back transmitter, single pole "Bell" pattern receiver, automatic switch hooks and standard automatic dial.  Model came complete with wooden walnut Bellset, which comprised of polarised bell wound to 1000 ohms and condenser.

See also GPO Bellset No. 1.

A Peel-Conner PAX telephone.

Weight - 10lb with Bellset

Dimensions - 12.5in x 6.5in x 6.5in.

The catalogues also state that this is a Standard Post Office instrument.

Can be found in the 1926, 1932 and 1935 GEC catalogues.

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