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Automatic Calling and Clearing
Visual Signal

Equipped with Tubular “Eyeball” Indicators, Corresponding Line Jacks, Plugs and Cords, Retardation Coils, Night Bell
Relay, Trembling Bell, Two-way Switch and the necessary Terminals. The Switchboard Case and Terminal Box are
hinged to the Backboard, to facilitate examination of the Apparatus. Woodwork of well-seasoned Polished Walnut.

The operation of the Switchboard is as follows:

To answer a call - Insert Service Plug on operator’s Telephone into Spring Jack corresponding to signal displayed and ascertain number required. Withdraw Service Plug, and insert one of a pair of through Plugs in Jack of calling station.

To call station wanted - Insert Service Plug into Jack corresponding to the number of station wanted, and turn handle of Generator on operator’s Telephone.

To connect stations together - When the station required answers, withdraw Service Plug and insert the corresponding Plug of the pair in use into the Jack of the station wanted.

To disconnect - During conversation the signals of both stations will remain displayed; when the signals return to their normal position conversation is finished, and both Plugs must be withdrawn.

Produced with 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 lines.

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

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Last revised: February 05, 2011