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Consisting of a Central Battery Type of Hand Microtelephone, with loud-speaking Transmitter and Double-pole Ring Receiver, Automatic Nickel-plated Cradle Switch, with pure Platinum Contacts, Polarized Call Bell with 2.5 inch Nickel-plated Gongs wound to 1,000 ohms resistance, Plate Type Lightning Protector enclosed under an Enamelled Metal Cover, Two Microfarad Condenser and Terminals.

The Terminals are also enclosed under an Enamelled Metal Cover with Spring Catch, the Line Wires being led in through a Fibre Plate.

The Woodwork is of well-seasoned Polished Walnut, with an Enamelled Sheet-metal Front. A Nickel-plated Paper Clip on the Sloping Desk and a Suspension Hook for hanging up an extra Receiver, if required, are also provided.

Price in 1908 was £3.17.6

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

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Last revised: February 01, 2011