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K8140 & K8141


Comprising a Solid Back Central Battery Type Transmitter on an Adjustable Enamelled Steel Arm, Polarized Call Bell wound to 1,000 ohms, and fitted with 2k-in. Nickel-plated Gongs, Automatic Switch Hook with pure Platinum Contacts, Induction Coil, Two-microfarad Condenser, enclosed Line Terminals, Double-pole “Bell” Receiver in unbreakable Ebonite Case with concealed Terminals, and Flexible Silk-covered Connecting Cord.

Woodwork of thoroughly seasoned Polished Walnut or Teak. All metal parts interchangeable, Nickel-plated and Polished where exposed.

Prices in 1908 were:-
K8140 Central Battery Wall Telephone in Walnut Woodwork £3.6.0
K8141 Central Battery Wall Telephone in Teak Woodwork £3.7.6

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908


Peel Conner Electro-Magneto Central Battery Telephone

Wall pattern telephone fitted with solid back long distance speaking transmitter (on arm), "Bell" shaped Electro-magnetic receiver, 1000 ohm polarised bell and 2 Mf capacitor.

Made by Peel-Conner (Electro- magnetic type) and constructed of polished walnut with external metal parts being oxidised.

1926 model shown to the right.

Dimensions 17 x 8 x 8.5 inches.
Weight 12 lbs/5.5 Kilos

Cost in 1916 was £3.10.6
Cost in 1926 was £6.3.0

Taken from the 1916 and 1926 GEC catalogues

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