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This telephone is designed for use in atmospheres containing methane or petroleum vapour to provide a temporary or portable communication circuit, e.g. in coal mines, oil refineries.

Certificate of intrinsic safety for methane No. T/TEL 80 and for petroleum vapour No. 67, certified by the Ministry of Fuel and Power.

The cover is light-gauge steel, rust-proofed and finished hard synthetic stove enamel. A carrying strap of strong woven fabric is attached to the case by swivel links. The hand combination is fitted with a press key to close the battery circuit and a 4 foot rubber covered connecting cord. The generator has an 'Alnico' magnet system with a handle normally stowed in a vertical position in a protecting clip on the lid. In the operating position it is turned down at right angles, being held in either position automatically by a spring-loaded slide on the crank. The magneto ringer is wound to 2000 ohms. Two dry cells are included for speaking purposes.

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Last revised: January 27, 2011