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Intrinsically safe magneto telephone
This telephone is intended for use in offices and similar places attached to coal mines, oil refineries and the like where an intrinsically safe telephone system is installed.

This instrument is an advance on previous table pattern magneto telephones, being lighter and more compact. This is made possible by the use of a generator with an 'Alnico' magnet system which is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, yet is equally efficient. The internal apparatus comprises an induction coil, generator, 2000 ohm ringer, switch spring-set and cord connecting block. Space is provided for a capacitor when required. The whole of the apparatus is mounted on a metal base plate which can be detached complete from the case.

Certificates of intrinsic safety No. T/TEL 82 for methane and No. 74 for petroleum vapour, certified by the Ministry of Power.

Dimensions in brackets are the equivalent in cm.
Height - 6.75 inches (17.14cm)
Width - 7.25 inches (18.41cm)
Depth - 9.25 inches (23.49cm)

8lb (3.6kg)

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Last revised: January 27, 2011