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For use in Mines, Engine Rooms, Quarries, and on Ships, Docks and other exposed positions

Fitted with Three-magnet Generator, with Armature wound to 300 ohms, Polarized Call Bell wound to 1,000 ohms, with 3 inch Gongs, 'Hunningscone-Deckert' Transmitter with Water and Moisture-proof Diaphragm and Protecting Gauze, Induction Coil - primary 1 ohm, secondary 25 ohms resistance.

The whole of the above, together with the Automatic Switch, are enclosed in a Water and Gas tight Iron Case. The Receiver is of the Double-pole 'Ring' type, fitted into a substantial Gun-metal Case and mounted on a movable arm provided with a Pointer to indicate the speaking position. An extra Receiver can be added if necessary, and is fitted into a Gun-metal Case with a Flexible Metallic Tubing to protect the Receiver Cord.

The Terminal Wires are led into the case through a Stuffing Gland, which is afterwards tightened up to prevent the entrance of moisture.

K8098 shown pictured to the right.

Models and Prices as at 1908.

Catalogue No. Facilities Price
K8095 Magneto Set, without Bell £6.17.6
K8096 Magneto Set, without Bell, but with extra Receiver £7.8.6
K8097 Magneto Set, with Bell and one Receiver £7.19.6
K8098 Magneto Set, with Bell and extra Receiver £8.10.6

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

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