gec.gif (1164 bytes)GEC K8035


For Long Distance Ringing and Speaking

Comprising a Hand Microtelephone with Four-conductor Flexible Cord, Ornamental Nickel-plated Cradle Rest, Triple magnet Generator, Polarized Call Bell adjusted to ring through 20,000 ohms resistance, Induction Coil, Lightning Arrester and Terminals. Woodwork of solid well-seasoned Polished Walnut, and all exterior metal parts Nickel plated.

Price in 1908 was £3.15.0

For Four-magnet Generator Set with Hand Microtelephone see K 8050.

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908


Peel Conner Magneto Call Telephone
Wall Pattern

Used for long distance ringing and speaking, this telephone has triple magnet generator, polarised call bell of 20,000 ohms, ornamental cradle switch, lightning arrester and induction coil.

Case is of polished Walnut and the metalwork nickel plated.

As K8025 but fitted with a handset.

Cost in 1932 and 1935 was £8.7.6
Cost in 1926 was £8.7.6
Cost in 1916 was £3.15.0

1926 model shown on the left.

Taken from the 1916, 1926, 1932 and 1935 GEC catalogues

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