gec.gif (1164 bytes)GEC K7995 & K7996

K7995 & K7996

For use in Mines, Engine Rooms Quarries, Ships, Docks, and other exposed positions

Comprising a substantial Gas and Water-tight Cast Iron Case fitted with Hunningscone-Deckert Transmitter with Waterproof Diaphragm and Gun-metal Mouthpiece, Induction Coil, Automatic Switch controlled by movable arm to which is fixed the Double-pole Ring Receiver in substantial Gun-metal Case.

Stuffing Glands are provided, through which the Line, Battery and Bell Wires are brought to the Terminals.  An extra Receiver in Gun-metal Case can be fitted if required, and is provided with a Flexible Metallic Tubing to protect the Connecting Cord.

Prices in 1908:-.
K 7995 - As above, with two Receivers - £5.10.0
K 7996 - As above, with one Receiver only - £4.10.0

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

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