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K 670 & K 680
K 670 K 680




The above illustrations represent the latest advance in Naval Telephony.  These instruments are comparatively watertight, light in weight, and the mechanism is fitted in the smallest possible space.  The apparatus is, moreover, attractive in appearance, and may be fitted, on the bridge of a yacht just as well as in the conning tower of a battleship, and at the same time be in keeping with the surroundings.  A number (exceeding 30) are fitted on H.M. Yacht 'Victoria and Albert,' and many hundreds have recently been supplied to the British Admiralty for use on warships, and have given the authorities every satisfaction.  Many severe trials have been made with this instrument and not one single failure has been reported.  For any class of work this apparatus can be confidently recommended as durable and efficient.  The case is of iron and the front of gun-metal.  The reason for employing an iron case is that the magnet of the Receiver cannot have any effect on the ship's compass or any magnetic instruments in proximity.

Prices - on application.

Taken from the G.E.C. Illustrated Telephone Catalogue 9th edition (1904)

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