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K 25


Wall pattern telephone with "Byng" Transmitter.

Price in 1907 - £1.2.6.


Taken from a G.E.C. Telephone Catalogue (1907)


Wiring two Telephones together

Each telephone requires three 1.5 volt batteries.  The phones are connected together by two wires.

At each telephone connect the batteries as follows:-

  1. Connect the three batteries in series.
  2. Connect the free negative terminal of the battery set to terminal ZE on the phone.
  3. Connect the free positive terminal of the battery set to terminal C on the phone.
  4. Connect the positive terminal of the centre battery to terminal MC on the phone.

Connect the two phones as follows:-

  1.  Connect terminal ZE of one phone to terminal ZE of the other.
  2. Connect terminal L of one phone to terminal L of the other.


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Last revised: November 24, 2020