This document is produced in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format and can be viewed in any Internet/HTML browser. Internet Explorer was used as the test bed and as standard HTML commands were used everybody should get the same results.

It's quite easy to drive - just click your mouse on any underlined text or object with a box around it. You will then go straight to the item in question.

Use your browser to navigate backwards or forwards (USE THE ARROW BUTTONS, LEFT AND RIGHT, ON THE LEFT OF THE BUTTON BAR), to search and to change the default font (may help on listings as they were designed using standard windows fonts). For more information on your browser, look at the user documentation associated with it or the browsers help file.

Should images appear too large then you will have to change your screen size to 800 x 600 or thereabouts. The File was developed with the display set to 24 bit true colour and a screen size of 800 x 600 on a 15 inch monitor.
Refer to your windows/computer documentation for advice on how to do this.

Quickfind is not named because it works quickly - in fact it can be slow, depending on the amount and size of the pictures that it has to open. Quickfind actually shows a group of related items on one page. This was done to allow easy identification and hopefully I got it right! I reduced the picture sizes to give a thumbnail size object that was a compromise between speed, size and quality.
If you find Quickfind slow then go for the lists or Index.

There are lists of diagrams and parts and these may be in one of two formats:- `Access' or `Excel'. The lists at present are aimed at `Excel' and use a file extension of "XLS" or "XLW".
These two extensions will have to be added in the Folder Options/File Types on your computer.  The programme Excel or equivalent will also have to be present on your computer (viewers are available on the web).
Watch out for the multiple spreadsheet files. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet pages to view the chosen subject.

Sounds are also available and these use the standard "WAV" format. Once again this extension must be in your web browser file type list.
You will also need a sound card!

The Movies found on the CD are small sections of newsreel film.  They are included as a taster and can be viewed with Quick Time or a similar package.

I accept no liability, whatsoever, for the changes you make to your computer, nor do I give technical support on your computers hardware or software.

As with most products of this kind, I accept no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied. If your business fails, well then you can't blame me. I will however make corrections and insert additional information to latter issues. Should you find a mistake then please advise me so that I can correct it.

I am open to constructive criticism - drop me a line - good or bad.

License and Liability

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Last revised: April 05, 2010