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Electronic PAX

Special Features
British made and designed
Stored Program control technology
Space-saving central equipment
Dial or push-button telephone instruments

Plessey PAXTEL is a digital internal telephone system providing a comprehensive range of timesaving facilities for the small to medium organisation.
Plessey has exploited modern technology to provide a compact central switching unit which is totally silent in operation and thus can be installed in any normal office environment.

Each extension user is allocated those system features which will assist and speed his communication within the organisation, thus giving each user the ability to perform his job with optimum efficiency. Should the user move offices, reallocation of his extension number and facilities is a simple matter.

A choice of programme packages will be available to allow system facilities to develop from a simple internal communication system into a sophisticated software controlled exchange offering an exceptional array of features such as many large modern organisations now expect.

PAXTEL can also be used in a network configuration providing up to eight tie trunks without loss of extension lines. The system can be extended in groups of eight extensions up to a maximum of 96 lines per cabinet.

Dial or multi frequency push-button telephones can be installed on a standard single-pair cable, making the replacement of obsolete PAX systems very simple. In addition, the replacement cost can be spread by changing telephone instruments at a later date.

Traffic is handled by fourteen speech channels and four MF registers in the 96 extension unit, providing an excellent grade of service.

Plessey provide a full range of dial and push-button telephone instruments complimentary to PAXTEL.

Dial or MF telephones
Camp-on busy, with distinctive camp-on tone
Follow me
Executive intrusion
Intrusion immunity on selected extensions
Discriminating ringing
Test line and maintenance terminal
Call waiting tone

User Benefits
Flexibility - the user of stored program control technology enables day-to-day changes, such as number updating or facility adjustments, to be initiated on a maintenance terminal or master telephone.

Ease of expansion - the modular construction of the system means that the system can grow with the user, by simply adding extra printed circuit boards as necessary.

British made - PAXTEL has been designed with the British user in mind.

Ease of installation - the compact central switching unit (which includes the power supply), is pre-tested in the factory and delivered to site fully operational. Installation is thus fast and inexpensive.

Compatibility - PAXTEL is fully compatible with most conventional systems and capable of interconnection to other communication services provided by Plessey.

System enhancement - new features can be incorporated into the system as they become available without the need for modification or change of hardware.

Reliability - the technology used in PAXTEL ensure a long and trouble-free life.

Space saving - no special room is needed for the central equipment: the unit occupies little more space than a typewriter, and is silent in operation, so can be installed anywhere.

Outline Specification
Capacity: 96 Extensions/B Tie trunks per cabinet (other configurations possible).

Technology: Stored program control, CMOS Space Division Switching.

Extension Loop Resistance: 1000 ohms.

Class of Service Assignment: Individually specified and easily reassigned. Up to 4 basic classes with further facility arrangements added as and when required.

Extension Signalling:
Push-button - CCITT recommended. MF4 (1 out of 4 plus 1 out of 4). Rotary dial - 10 p/s with 2:1 break/make ratio.
Signalling to Other Systems: A variety of signalling systems to meet the full needs of private networks.

Environmental Limits:
Ambient Temperature: 00 to.45C.
Relative humidity: Up to 80%.

Operating Voltage:- 50 Vdc.

Input Power: 240 VAC; Fused at 1 amp.

Cabinet Dimensions:
350mm High x 5l0mm wide x 415mm deep.

Weight (fully equipped): 27Kg.


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Last revised: October 10, 2019