SWITCHBOARD No's N780 & N781

Magneto Switchboards
N780A type

n780a.jpg (15448 bytes)This magneto multiple switchboard section is designed for extension up to 8 or 9 sections. It may be used as a single position switchboard up to 120 lines and extended by additional sections when required.

The multiple field per section is arranged for 600 lines, so that a 3-panel multiple will provide for a maximum of 900 lines, i.e., 100 line calling equipment's per section giving an ultimate of 9 sections.

Combined plug-restored drop-indicators N4817 and answering jacks N5030 are employed for the line circuits and push-button restored totally enclosed disc indicators N4782 mounted on the keyboard and associated with the cord circuits for clearing.

All boards are equipped with 15 cord circuits.

A hand generator with arrangements for connecting power ringing, a ringing indicator and night bell and key are fitted. N 780A Type

Operator's equipment includes a micro-telephone and/or a head and breast set, a listening key and a switch for connecting either one of two transmitter batteries. Batteries are not normally supplied. Multiple jack strips N5158 must be ordered when   required.

The N781A type switchboards have a position meter fitted above the multiple field and a meter key on the keyboard. If desired, subscribers' meters can be operated in conjunction with this board.

Code No. Without Metering   Code No. With Metering   Line ccts equipped   Line ccts wired   Dimensions ins   Weight lb.
N780A1   N781A1   20   100   61 x 26 x 32   212
N780A2   N781A2   40   100   61 x 26 x 32   223
N780A3   N781A3   60   100   61 x 26 x 32   235
N780A4   N781A4   80   100   61 x 26 x 32   246
N780A5   N781A5   100   100   61 x 26 x 32   258
N780A6   N781A6   120   120   61 x 26 x 32   270

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue Edition 49

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Last revised: October 12, 2019