Magneto Switchboards


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N 745A N 765

Plug-restored drop-indicators N4817 and jacks N5030 combined are employed for the line circuits of these switchboards, so that the insertion of a plug into a jack automatically restores the indicator flap to its normal position.

The clearing indicators N4817 on the wall board, the top row, are the same pattern as used in the combination but are hand restored. while those on the floor board are mounted on the keyboard and are the push-button restored totally enclosed disc type N4782.

The wall board is supplied with a Bakelite micro-telephone and the floor board with either a micro-telephone or a head and breast set as ordered.

A hand generator and night bell with cut-off key are provided, also on the floor board a coupling key to enable two boards to be operated when lined-up together.

Standard boards have 1000-ohms line and clearing indicators. Floor boards can be supplied with 2000 ohms line and 2500 ohms clearing indicators if desired.

All the N745A type boards are wired for 50 line and 10 cord circuits so that extension up to the full capacity can be speedily effected.

Code No.   Type   Line Circuits   Cord Circuits   Dimensions ins   Weight lb.
N745A1   Wall   20   6   24 x 16 x 11   66
N745A2   Wall   30   8   24 x 16 x 11   72
N745A3   Wall   40   8   24 x 16 x 11   77
N745A4   Wall   50   10   24 x 16 x 11   84
N765   Floor   100   16   50 x 27 x 24   218

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue issue no. 49

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Last revised: October 12, 2019