No's N400, N410, N420 - N421, N430 - N431

C.B.S. Table and Wall Switchboards

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N 400 N 430

The central battery signalling system is developed to meet the case where, owing to the small size of the installation, it is not considered economical to install a full C.B. system.

These switchboards embody the very latest improvements, afford the advantages of automatic call and clear and provide standard operating facilities which are very desirable in areas where the larger exchanges are C.B. or automatic.

The main features are automatic call, automatic clear, local battery speaking and economy in energy consumption.

The woodwork is matt polished and the metal fittings are finished in black and copper bronze.

The totally enclosed type of indicator is fitted in the local or extension lines, and the drop type in the junction or exchange lines.

A 22-Volt battery of large type primary cells will operate these switchboards.

Code No.   Pattern   Exchange lines   Extension lines   Cord ccts   Connection
N400   table   1   3   2   cordless
N410   table   2   4   3   cordless
N420   table   3 9 cordless
N421   table   3   7   5   cordless
N430   wall   2   20   5   corded
N431   wall   2   5   3   corded


Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26

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Last revised: October 12, 2019