SWITCHBOARD No's N340 & N360

C.B. Floor Switchboards
Lamp Signalling

N 360 shown pictured to the right.

n360.jpg (13618 bytes)Switchboards employing lamp signalling throughout have become very popular for private installations.

The framework is matt polished and smaller than that required for magnetic indicator signals.

The line lamps are in strips of 10, and the supervisory lamps mounted individually on the keyboard give double positive supervision.

An alarm bell, to attract attention when a lamp glows, is provided and may be cut off when not required by means of a key.

Hand generator and switching key for power ringing.

Twenty-four volts are required to operate these switchboards.  Partially equipped boards in multiples of 10 lines can be supplied.

Code No.   Line Circuits   Cord Circuits   Dimensions ins   Weight lb.
N340   50   10   46 x 22 x 29   240
N360   100   15   46 x 27.5 x 29   320

Where the extension lines are very short and of low resistance, these switchboards can be supplied without line relays.

Taken from the Ericsson telephone Catalogue No. 26

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Last revised: October 12, 2019