Type N23868A

n23868a.jpg (9814 bytes)This instrument, containing a fully transistorised amplifier with a sensitive microphone and loudspeaker, affords the executive complete freedom to make notes or consult records while conversing by telephone. It can be used with any of our P.A.X. systems and is powered from the P.A.X. d.c. supply.

Modern styling and pleasing colours combined with high efficiency make this telephone an asset in any private office.

The components are mounted on a black finished hardwood base to which a fine hardwood case, polished in the natural shade, is secured by two captive screws. The keyplate is covered with biscuit-coloured plastic, while grilles at the front and on the right hand side of the case, together with the handset cradle, are bronze finished. The clear plastic dial finger-plate is silver-gilt, and the handset black, with a matching p.v.c. coiled cord. The nylon braided desk cord is black, and the desk block housing the multiple plug and jack connection, grey.

Access to the interior is obtained by releasing the two captive screws, and lifting off the case; the front panel, hinged on the base, can then be swung forward.

Keys are miniature type with plastic wedge handles having inserts of contrasting colour in the tips. Ten black handled keys in the centre provide for the direct calling of up to 20 extensions whose names or departments can be written on the designation labels.

Red handled keys in the two outside positions are associated with the loudspeaker facility, the left-hand key being marked HANDSET/MIC. OFF, and the right-hand key: VOL HIGH/VOL Low. The former disconnects the loudspeaker when the handset is used for privacy of reception.

Four keys with ivory plastic handles are associated with the functional operation of the instrument. They are designated, from left to right, respectively:


To call an ordinary extension, the CALL & ANS key is operated and, on receipt of dial tone, the number is dialled. A direct line extension is called simply by operating the key of the line concerned. A lamp behind the particular designation glows as a reminder to restore the key at the end of the call.

Incoming calls operate the buzzer and flash the lamp associated with the CALL & ANS key, which is pressed to answer the call. There is no howling on loudspeaker-to-loudspeaker calls.

Up to 10 of the direct call extensions can be connected together and to the loudspeaker telephone for conference, if specified, the associated relays then being supplied for external mounting. Similarly, a secretarial telephone is provided when the secretarial facility is ordered. No extra equipment is necessary for either facility in the loudspeaker instrument.

All connecting wires are p.v.c. insulated and component finishes are suitable for the tropics.

Type No.   Description   Dimensions inches mm   Weight lb. kg.
N23868A   P.A.X. Loudspeaker Telephone   21.5 x 10.5 x 6.1 (546 x 267 x 155)   18.75 (8.51)

(with Conference and/or Secretarial facilities when ordered)

Taken from the Ericsson Catalogue No. 60

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Last revised: October 07, 2019