TELEPHONE No's N2206 & N2207

Moulded Type (1000)
Type N2206A

n2206a.jpg (10413 bytes)This companion to the N2124A table telephone is a modern set designed specially for magneto working. It replaces telephones Type N2204A and B, and will operate over lines of 1000 ohms loop resistance.

The stock instrument is black but other colours can be supplied.

The case hooks on to the top of a metal backplate to which it is secured by one captive screw at the bottom. When this is released, the case can be lifted and swung down on a webbing-suspension to expose the components, which are all on the backplate.

The components comprise an anti-side-tone induction coil with closed-iron circuit and 0.3 uF capacitor, 1000 ohm ringer, rotating-magnet generator and the cradle switch springs.

The handset, with inset transmitter and an inset receiver with rocking armature, is designed to ensure maximum transmission efficiency and comfort in use.

The telephone is fixed to the wall by screws through bushed holes in four rubber feet. The line wires enter through a hole in the backplate and terminate at screw connections.

Connecting wires and the conductors in the close-braided handset cord are insulated with p.v.c.

Cells for transmitter battery are not supplied unless ordered.

Telephones with heavy duty generator and/or a capacitor in the bell or receiver circuit, and telephones with push buttons can be supplied if specified.

Orders should state Type No., colour and any other requirements.

Also supplied to GEC as their model No. TEL/49P/MWU

Taken from the Ericsson Catalogue No. 55

Type N2207

As N2206 but with one press button on front of case, just below the handset.

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Last revised: October 04, 2019