TELEPHONE No's N2124 & N2125

Type N2124A

n2124a.jpg (10645 bytes)The need for a magneto telephone of contemporary styling is met by this instrument which has been designed solely for magneto working and is suitable for lines of up to 1000 ohms loop resistance.  It replaces Type N2121A and is made in the colours listed below.

The shapely, lift-off case is a one-piece moulding with a ribbed front and no dial aperture.

The handset is ideally shaped for comfort in use and maximum transmission efficiency.  It has an inset transmitter and an inset receiver with rocking armature.  Cradle switch plungers and springsets operate in a practically frictionless movement.

The internal apparatus comprises a rotating-magnet generator, anti-side-tone induction coil with closed-iron circuit, 1000 ohm ringer, a capacitor for the induction coil circuit, and the cradle switch springs.  These are all fixed to the metal base plate, which has rubber feet and is secured to the case by captive screws.

The telephone has perforations under the ringer gongs and ventilation cups on each side of the case near the handset giving free circulation of air.

Line wires terminate at screw connections in a rectangular moulded terminal block connected to the telephone by a 4 way close-braided cord which enters the instrument via a rubber protector.

Cord conductors and all connecting wires are insulated with p.v.c.

Cells for transmitter battery are not supplied unless ordered.

Dimensions - 10 in. x 10 in. x 7 in. (254 x 254 x 178 mm)  

Weight - 5.75lb (2.55kg)



Ref.   Telephone and Desk Terminal Block   Cords
(a) Black Black
(b) Ivory Maroon
(c) Imperial red Maroon
(d) Colonial blue Silver grey
(e) Topaz yellow Green
(f) Silver sage Silver grey
(g) Forest green Green


Ref.   Case and Desk Terminal Block   Handset, Ventilator Cups and Generator Handle Cords
(h)   Aircraft grey-green Forest green Green
(j)   French grey   Elephant grey   Silver grey
(k)   Blush ivory Maroon Maroon

Orders should quote Type No. and colour reference letter, e.g., N2124A (d).

Telephones with heavy duty generator and/or a capacitor in the receiver or bell circuit, or telephones with push buttons can be supplied if specified.

Type No.   Comments  
N2124A Black, standard telephone  
N2124A1T GEC TEL/47P/MTU (ETL diagram N89111/3 refers)  
N2124A20T Black, tropicalised telephone  

Telephone replaced by N2128, N2208 or N2908.

Supplied worldwide and to GEC.

Taken from the Ericsson (ETL) Catalogue No. 55


As N2124 but with one press button and label.

Click for an article from the Ericsson Bulletin

Converting the N2124A to work on the UK Plug and Socket system

Whilst this phone is really for use on a private magneto system, it can be wired to work on a private system.  It is not approved for use on the PSTN and should not be connected.

Follow these instructions to convert:-

  1. The telephone needs a battery of 3 volts to power the transmitter.  Obtain a carrier for two 1.5v batteries and fit this carrier inside the phone.

  2. Wire the battery carrier leads to Terminals A1 and A4.

  3. Connect a 3.3k resistor between terminals A1 and A2.

  4. Remove the red wire from the generator and insulate.

  5. Remove the orange wire from the generator contact set and connect this wire to the Blue wire of the new line cord.

  6. Connect the white wire of the new line cord to A1.

  7. Connect the red wire of the new line cord to A3.

  8. Insulate the green of the new line cord.

  9. Fit a Rectifier element between terminals 5 and 6.


Connecting two sets together

This is mainly for the N2124 as this is the only diagram to hand (N89111).

  1. Each phone requires 3 volts.  Use two 1.5 volt batteries in a holder.

  2. Connect the battery the same way at each phone.  Connect the battery to blue and red of the line cord.

  3. Connect terminals A1 to A2 inside each phone using a piece of wire.

  4. Using a cable with 2 wires in it connect the phones together.  Red connects to red and white connects to white of the line cord.

  5. Turning the generator will ring the bell at the distant end.

  6. If speech is faint, reverse the battery connection at one end only.

It is assumed that the line cord is connected to the telephone as follows:-
Red of the line cord to Terminal A1
White of the line cord to Terminal A3
Blue of the line cord to Terminal A2







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