Automatic Exchanges
Loudspeaker Equipment

n20416.jpg (15848 bytes)Loudspeaker equipment comprising a telephone with a lamp indicator, and a switch in the base for switching on and off, a loudspeaker of serviceable design, and an amplifier for amplifying the speech from the microphone.

The microphone for loudspeaking purposes is fitted behind the dial of the table telephone.

The amplifier unit is housed in a portable cabinet and arranged so that all parts are readily accessible.

Code No. Description
N20416  Telephone with lamp indicator and switch
N20417 Loudspeaker in wood case
N20425 Amplifier for 200-250 volts A.C. supply
N20430 Amplifier for 200-250 volts D.C. supply
N20431  Amplifier for battery operation


Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 26, Supplement 1935

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Last revised: March 07, 2022