TELEPHONE No's N1844 & N1845

Type N1845J

n1845j.jpg (14806 bytes)This compact telephone is made to withstand the arduous conditions of service in the field as a linesman's testing set or temporary station. The strong, light steel casing is partly pressed up and partly fabricated by welding, rust proofed and coated with a hard baking stove enamel.

Adequate protection of the vital parts is ensured, both during transport and when the set is open for use. The woven fabric adjustable strap is attached by swivel links and has loops for carrying an earth spike.

P.V.C. insulated wire is used for the internal connections.

The equipment includes a moulded handset with press key, anti-side-tone induction coil, capacitors, alnico generator of about 3 watts output, 2000 ohm ringer and, in a neoprene-lined compartment seen at the back centre in the illustration, two dry cells (inert cells are supplied for the tropics). An adapter is available for insertion in the battery compartment to enable two standard cylindrical 1.5 volt torch batteries, 13 in. dia. to be used, instead of the rectangular type N3774 (N3775 inert) normally provided. Orders should specify type of battery required.

The generator handle is stowed vertically for transport, and turned down for use, being held in either position by a spring-loaded slide on the crank.

Type No. Description Dimensions Weight lb. kg.  
N1845J Magneto working only 12 in. x 7 in. x 6 in. (305 x 178 x 152 mm.) 9 (4.31)

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 55


n1845.jpg (12795 bytes)This robust portable telephone has been primarily designed for use as a linesman's testing set but can also be employed as a temporary station. Three versions of the telephone are available for connection to:
1. Auto, C.B. and magneto systems
2. Magneto systems
3. C.B. or magneto systems

Main Design Features
Latest anti-side tone circuit as used in BPO instruments.
Components specially finished to withstand tropical conditions.
Powered by two small batteries.
PVC insulated wiring used throughout.

n1845f.jpg (10078 bytes)This is made from pressed steel, with a dark-brown, stove-enamelled finish.  All joints are welded to provide utmost protection from knocks and abrasions for the instrument it accommodates.

The dial, handset, alnico generator, 2000 ohm ringer mechanism, anti-side tone induction coil, capacitors for receiver and bell circuits, two batteries, a plunger key and terminal block are all contained within the case.

Swivel-link fasteners retain an adjustable, woven-fabric, shoulder strap provided with loops for carrying an earth spike when required.

The dial, additionally protected by a hinged lid within the case, has  standard numbering, a 2:1 break-to-make pulse ratio, a speed of 10 p/s and a stainless-steel fingerplate.

This is of black moulded-plastic construction and incorporates a press switch in the handle for on/off transmit control.

Plunger Key
For auto and c.b. working this key is pulled up for dialling and speaking, and pushed down to clear.
For magneto working the plunger key is pushed down for ringing and speaking.

Power Supply
This is provided by two 1.5V torch batteries (customer supplied) accommodated in a neoprene-lined compartment in the case.

Height: 5.5in (139.7 mm)
Width: 11in (282.6mm)
Depth: 5in(127mm)


Type   Code No. Weight
N1884A C.B and magneto 8.1lb
N1845 auto, C.B. and magneto
N1845A magneto
N1845B C.B. and magneto
N1845F   automatic, C.B. and magneto 9lb
N1845J   magneto 8.5lb
N1845K   C.B. and magneto 8.5lb

A special light weight waterproof  telephone with terminals for extra receiver is available for CB and Magneto working.
Part No. N1844A (Services Type J).

N1845 introduced 1946.

Taken from the Plessey Telephone Catalogue (1971)

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