Hotel C.B. Table Telephone
With Staff Signalling Facilities

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This instrument has been specially designed to provide various facilities, primarily for hotel use, but can be readily adapted for other establishments and also for passenger ships.

The casework is entirely of moulded Bakelite and the standard colour is black, but a variety of durable finishes can be given to match room furnishings.

The set illustrated is for use in large hotels and provides for the following - facilities

Communication with subscribers on the public exchanges and any other equipped room in the hotel.

Coloured press buttons for calling the staff, i.e., blue for the waiter; green for the maid; red for the valet and white for communicating with the staff quarters to give instructions, etc. The first three buttons are designated by means of figures representative of the kind of service.

Silent electric clock with luminous dial and hands is fitted and operates by means of half minute impulses from a central master clock.

A terminating plug and flexible cable is fitted for making easy connection to the internal wiring.

Mouthpiece N8633
Micro-telephone N5852
Micro-telephone cord N4021
Earpiece N4443
Receiver diaphragm N4400
"Inset" N7445
Plug N6410
Flexible cable N4109

Room lamps, reset panels, service call panels with or without supervision, imputing mechanisms, etc., some of which are shown overleaf, form part of a complete equipment, full particulars of which will be given on application.

Dimensions 7.75 x 9.25 x 8.5 inches.

Weight 9.1 lb

Taken from the Ericsson Catalogue No. 26 - 1932 Supplement

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Last revised: October 04, 2019