TELEPHONE No's N1732 & N1733

C.B. Intercommunication Telephones

- continued under N1746A2

Side Station

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N1732B Type N1732C Type N1733B Type

These side station instruments are similar to the standard intercom sets, with the addition of two lamps associated with the master station lines.

To make a call the micro-telephone is lifted and the appropriate push button is pressed. If the call is to a master station it is indicated there by a lamp and buzzer and is answered by the master operating the relevant key.  If the call is to another side station it is indicated there by a buzzer and is answered by picking up the micro-telephone.

A call from a master station causes the associated line lamp to glow on the side station telephone, even if the latter is engaged, in which case the action of pressing the button of the calling line automatically releases the original connection.  It is not necessary to replace the micro-telephone first.

The red and green push buttons for the two master station lines occupy the left and right-hand end positions of the lowest push button unit, i.e., positions 1 and 5, 6 and 10, and 11 and 15 respectively, on the 5, 10 and 15 line instruments.

N1595A type call and reply sets may also be used as side stations to the N1746 master station telephone, but no provision is made for direct communication between these and the N1732/N1733 intercom side stations.

If it is desired to associate a call and reply telephone with one of the intercom side stations, the former will be of the N1112A type.

Code No.   Type   No. of Lines
N1732A   Table   3 + 2 master
N1732B   Table   8 + 2 master
N1732C   Table   13 + 2 master
N1732D Table 4+1 master
N1732E Table 9+1 master
N1732F Table 14+1 master
N1733A   Wall   3 + 2 master
N1733B   Wall   8 + 2 master
N1733C   Wall   13 + 2 master
N1733D Wall 4+1 master
N1733E Wall 9+1 master
N1733F Wall 14+1 master

Dimensions (excluding h.m.t.) 6.5 x 8.75 x 4.1 (168 x 222 x 105 mm.)
Total weight: 47 lb. (1.581 kg. max.)

Orders should specify the Type No. and colour: black or ivory.

Replaced by PAX systems

Introduced around 1953

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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