TELEPHONE No's N1590 - N1592

N1590 N1592

Table and wall telephones used in conjunction with a N1740 master station on loud speaking intercommunication systems.

Used with master telephones N1740 - N1745.  The telephone were fitted with a DC bell or buzzer.

Code No. Description Calling device Used with
N1590 Table Buzzer N1740
N1590A Table Bell N1740
N1591 Wall Buzzer N1740
N1591A Wall Bell N1740
N1592 Table  None Loud Speaking Equipment

N1590A was not fitted with an induction coil and used an Electro-magnetic receiver.  The line is polarity conscious.

N1590 was superseded by N1594  

Introduced around 1933.

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Last revised: September 15, 2022