SWITCHBOARD No's N149 & N151

C. B.
Table Switchboards Cordless

N149B1 shown pictured to the right.

These switchboards are normally placed on a table or shelf.

They are for use as Private Branch Exchanges in connection with the larger C.B. Public Exchanges.

The woodwork is matt polished and the metal fittings are finished in black and copper bronze.

The connections are made by means of keys and the indicators are of the "dolls eye" type.

A hand generator for calling the extension telephones and a buzzer to give the alarm when an indicator is actuated.

Code No.   Extension Lines   Exchange lines  
N149B1 4 2
N151B3 9 3


Information below was taken from Diagram N83566

Many thanks to Kane Partridge advising of this switchboards existence.

He notes that the inside of the top lid contains a schematic of the switchboard which has the markings CE 545 and N83566/1.

The plate on the rear of the unit contains the following:

C. OF A. P.M.G.

The factory diagram notes state that these could be made for Australian contracts.

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Last revised: October 12, 2019