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N 1365 Type

n1365.jpg (11828 bytes)This most modern and improved central battery table telephone is completely built into a moulded Bakelite case.

The design is distinctive and pleasing and incorporates a form of cradle or micro-telephone rest which is not readily damaged.

In the telephone base there is a sliding tray which will accommodate a writing pad intended for ready reference and will be useful and handy for a directory of the more frequently called numbers, or other memoranda. Pads are very easily inserted and are included only when ordered.

The interior pieces of apparatus including a magneto bell are mounted on a frame which can be removed as a unit so that each instrument is self-contained.

Terminal blocks have raised ribs to minimise surface leakage.

The reception and transmission efficiencies of the Bakelite micro-telephone with inset transmitter and detachable receiver are vastly superior to the solid-back type, and the anti-side-tone induction coil in the circuit reduces the reproduction of extraneous noises and side-tone to a minimum.

There is provision for the fitting internally of a radio interference suppression unit, which can be supplied when required.

This instrument is normally produced in black, but if specially ordered it can be supplied in Chinese red, ivory or jade green.

Instruments can also be obtained without the sliding tray fitment.

Micro-telephone cord N4021
Inset N7750
Mouthpiece N8634
Receiver N6819
Earpiece N4443
Receiver diaphragm N4400
Terminal block cord N4317

Overall dimensions 9 x 8 x 6 inches

Weight 5 lb. 9 oz.

Code No.   Description   P.O. No.
N1365A   Black Bakelite case with sliding tray fitment  
N1365B Black, red, ivory and green Tele 332CB
N1365B20 Black only Tele 332CB Mk2A
N1365H   Black Bakelite case without sliding tray fitment  

Other variants of this telephone were made, in the four standard colours and sold world wide.

This model was also supplied to Ireland as their model No. 100CB, in Black, Ivory and Green.

Model N1365K was produced for the Australian Post Office as their Telephone No. 332CBT.

Model N1365 has been seen with dials but these may have been a retrofit.

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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Last revised: June 09, 2023