TELEPHONE No's N1200 - N1202

Battery Ringing Telephones
N 1200 shown

n1200.jpg (12125 bytes)These instruments are specially designed for the battery signalling systems usually preferred for railway telecommunication and combine neatness with durability and efficiency.

Intended mainly for office use, the table set is arranged for systems requiring from one to three push-button keys the springs of which are wired to terminals which can be strapped to suit various operating requirements.

The instrument, micro-telephone (with or without transmitter cut-off switch in the handle) and terminal block are of moulded Bakelite and interior components such as springsets, buzzer, condenser, induction coil, and relay when required, are mounted on a chassis which is readily removable as a unit.

The 100 ohm buzzer is directly operated in single-button telephones and via the contacts of a 5000 ohm polarised or non-polarised relay in the 2 and 3 button sets, provision also being made in the local wiring for the fitment of a differential relay if required.

Terminals are provided for connecting an external bell if desired.

Supplied in Black only, with no tray, to Railway Signalling Committee specification (RSC Spec. No. 1000).

Overall dimensions 9 x 11 x 5 inches.
Weight 6 lb. 9 oz.

Code No. No. of buttons Button Labels Relay HMT Switch Railway Code No.
N1200 3 Special A Special B Code Polarised With 7 RSC. 1000/D/P
N1200A 3 Special A Special B Code Normal With 8 RSC. 1000/D/NP
N1200B 3       Polarised None 5 RSC. 1000/C/P
N1200C 3       Normal None 6 RSC. 1000/C/NP
N1201 2 Special - Code Polarised With 3 RSC. 1000/B/P
N1201A 2   -   Normal With 4 RSC. 1000/B/NP
N1201B 2 Special A - Code Polarised None 1 RSC. 1000/A/P
N1201C 2 Special A - Code Normal None 2 RSC. 1000/A/NP
N1201C20 2 Special A - Code Normal None  
N1201F20 2 Special - Code Normal None  
N1202 1 - Code - None With 2 RSC. 1003/B
N1202A 1 - Code - None None 1 RSC. 1003/A

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

N1201C20 general view N1201C20 close up of buttons

Click here for an article from the Ericsson Bulletin

N1201 - Southern Region Diagram is E509-44

Click her for the diagram of the N1201 - Diagram N68795 (dated 1945)

Click her for the diagram of the N1201C20 - Diagram N98236

Additional Pictures

N1201B20 - Front view
N1201B20 - Side View
N1201B20 - Rear View
N1201B20 - Front View
N1201B20 - Close-up of button arrangement
N1201B20 - Inside View
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