Automatic Table Telephone

n1010a.jpg (11535 bytes)The casework, micro-telephone and terminal block are of moulded, black Bakelite which is easy to keep clean and does not become shabby through long usage.

The mounting of the dial harmonises with the instrument. The dial is placed at such an angle that the figures are not obscured by the finger plate.

The micro-telephone is fitted with a detachable receiver and an "inset" transmitter.

The ringer, 1000 ohms, is fitted on the inside of the base which is cut away to permit of greater audibility, also a condenser 2uF, induction coil and switch are the other interior fitments.

This  telephone is similar to the N1010A but without an induction coil.  It is wired to diagram N18835 and can be identified easily as the handset cord only has two wires connected and a Spool Resistor of 100ohms is fitted inside the case.  The handset is fitted with an Electro-magnetic receiver, which was just connected in series with the transmitter and therefore the handset cord only required 2 wires.  It did not require an Induction Coil.

This type of telephone is normally referred to as a 'cheapened set' and would most probably have been used only on Private Automatic Exchanges as it would not have met the transmission standards of the GPO.

The telephone is also polarity conscious.

Diagram N18835 (issue 2) is dated 1934.

Introduced circa 1934.

See also the Model N1010.

It looks like Ericsson also sold some of these to competitors - see the TMC S19088.

The dial in the pictures is a Dial No. 24C, made by ATM.

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How to convert all N1010 sets to work on the UK plug and socket system






Base plate showing that only the corners of the plate meet the case.


Internal view showing no Induction Coil


Base plate showing angled bell gongs


Circuit diagram N18835


N1010B as supplied to Telephone Rentals

Telephone Rental model with no induction coil


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