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TELEPHONE No's MB 230 & MB 235

Types MB 230 & 235
Portable Telephone Instruments

This instrument consists of:-
A polished Oak Case with carrying handle, containing micro-telephone R.E. 3086, without a mouthpiece, with waterproof cord R.S. 8020 (Old Catalogue No. 2354), generator, magneto bell of 1000 ohms resistance, buzzer, press button for short circuiting the bell coils and the induction coil, press button for the buzzer signal, 2 dry cells R.K. 190 (Old Catalogue No. 600), gong silencer, special arrangements for adjusting the buzzer, and for leading in and fastening the cables, an arrangement for keeping the lid of the case wide open, or half open, and a screw driver.

If specially ordered, this instrument can be supplied with a canvas cover.

Type Type of Generator No. Gen. magnets Dimensions in inches Weight in lbs.
MB 230 RH 3120 3 12 x 6.7 x 8.25 19
MB 235 RH 4100 4 12 x 6.7 x 8.25 19


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Last revised: October 12, 2019