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Type MA 200
Combined Telephone and Telegraph Instrument

APPARATUS CASE of fibre with metal corner pieces for strengthening. Dimensions, 6.58 x 4.73 x 2.87 inches, containing a buzzer, generator, magneto bell, line condenser, and dry cell R.K. 170 (Old Catalogue No. 602A).

MICRO-TELEPHONE. R.E. 9112, telescopic type, stronger built than RE. 910, with waterproof cord R.S. 7050 (Old Catalogue No. 2440).

EXTRA RECEIVER. R.F. 1200, with leather head straps, and provided with waterproof cord R.S. 4560 (Old Catalogue No. 2363).

TERMINAL BLOCK with waterproof cord R.S. 5010 (Old Catalogue No. 2439).

LEATHER CASE. M.V. 200, is constructed to carry the apparatus case, micro-telephone, extra receiver, and terminal block, and is provided with a shoulder strap.

This instrument is intended for telephonic as well as telegraphic communication, the latter by means of the buzzer. Signals can be given by means of the buzzer, or if the receiving station is fitted with a magneto bell or indicator, by means of the generator.

The magneto bell in the apparatus case responds to generator signals only.

Weight, 8.2 lbs.

Previously model No. 397.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1911

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