Clicking on the links to the left take you to different parts of the manufacturing process at the Beeston works, near Nottingham.  It is impossible to give you a precise date when all these photographs were taken, but you can guess by the clothes that many of the pictures are from the 1920/1930's.  Some Photographs are from 1908 and these are clearly marked as such (taken from an article in the Electrical Review of July 3rd 1908).  The photographs were mainly taken from an Ericsson photograph album called "Views of Factory", with a small amount taken from the Ericsson Bulletin or other Ericsson publications.

On some pictures there maybe links taking you to a more detailed explanation of the process shown in the picture.

Some of the buildings shown still exist, although today they have different functions.  Only the bowling green remains intact.

You can also check out aerial views of the factory - as it grew through the years - click here.
Click here for a description of various parts of the factory.

Enjoy the tour - it's amazing to see how many people Ericsson employed in this single factory.